Requirement :

  • Good comunication and verbal
  • Friendly Personality and have energetic
  • Likes to associate and be around people
  • Fluent in English
  • Based in Jakarta

Job Desk        :

  1. Planning, coordinating, and leading the team to achieve sales target.
    Description: In Bali United sales supervisor will be vital to achieve sales and acquisition in 3 categories of program: Advertisement program, merchant loyalty program, and top up coins program. In Bali United, sales supervisor will help the team to increase sales and acquisition in certain area, such as merchant acquisition in Bali United Apps.
  2. Focus on finding new partners.
    Description: Sales in Bali United will be responsible on finding new brands that willing to work together and have vision in developing both parties.
  3. Monitoring sales team activities and help the team in solving the problems occurred in sales activities.
    Description: Bali United sales supervisor need to monitoring the sales team activities (ex. merchant acquisition meeting, benefit execution, etc) and actively helping the team in solving the problems occurred in sales activities by providing a clear guidelines to the sales team.
  4.  Make sales report (weekly, monthly, or yearly)
    Description: In Bali United sales supervisor have to make sales report about current condition of merchant acquisition or partnership. This is vital as the team will have to discuss and deliver the strategic plans in order to increase or maintaining the sales.


Requirement :

  • 1 years working experience in the related fields
  • Mastering Adobe PS, AI, Indesign (Photography & Motion design is a plus)
  • Strong visual communication ability
  • Ability to communicate and work with team members
  • Strong knowledge in layouts, graphic fundamentals, brand development