Bali United Training Center

The only Training Center on the Island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia, with a breathtaking view of Purnama Beach. Similar to Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, the field at Bali United Training Center also features hybrid grass of the Zoysia Matrella type, identical to the turf at the home base of Real Madrid Football Club, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Spain. Several world football stars like Sebastian Veron and Jesse Lingard have visited and tested this Training Center's field, which also boasts comprehensive facilities.

Bali United FC

+62 881-1008-888

Jl. Baypass IB Mantra, Pantai Purnnama, Sukawati, Gianyar, bali



Football Field

We have 8 football fields with size of 105 x 68 meter each, with safety zone of 10 meter for each side. The grass used for each field is hybrid type of Zoysia Matrella, which is FIFA standard.


Equipped with a 4-pole lighting structure, with capacity of 800 lux, for equally optimum lighting at any side of the field.


The gymnasium is equipped with treadmills, spinning bikes, elepticals, dumbbell rack set, biceps curl machine, hamstring curl machine, squat machine, flat / incline / decline bench press, jump boxes, stepper, gym and medicine ball, and many more. From the gymnasium you can also get the view to training field and the beach.

Locker Room

Locker rooms, which are available in two rooms and are located under the mini stands of the main field. The locker rooms themselves are equipped with lockers for storing belongings and jerseys, bathrooms, and cold water pools for use after strenuous activities on the pitch. The locker room capacity can accommodate 20 to 25 people in one room.

Medical Room

For those who needs medical treatment , we also provide medical room which is equipped with 4 beds and physiotherapy equipments.

Mini Tribun

Mini stands located on the main field with a sea view of Purnama beach. The capacity of this stand can accommodate 600 people watching the match on the main pitch. The more complete, the main field equipped with mini stands is also equipped with a 4 pole light structure with a capacity of 800 lux which is FIFA standard.

Royal Box

For VIP personnel can use the Royal Box, which located above the tribune, with capacity of 50 person and the 360 degree of stunning view. The Royal Box also equipped with restroom and air conditioner to make the guests more comfortable

South Rooftop

This area is suitable for outdoor events or activities, with the view of 4 training fields and the beautiful Purnama beach.

Multifunction Room

With the size of 500 meter square, this room can be used for team meeting / briefing, team meals, or any other group activities. The room is also equipped with restroom.